Report Says San Antonio is Most Stable TX Rental Market

Report Says San Antonio is Most Stable TX Rental Market

The San Antonio Apartment Association issued a state-of-the-industry report, including insights into local economic data driving rental housing trends and forecasts, construction and development activity, and pandemic impacts. According to San Antonio-area economist Will McIntosh, USAA Real Estate head of global research, San Antonio’s net increase in migration or newcomers in 2020 was mainly from the West Coast but also other Texas cities.

Overall, the metropolitan area experienced a 20.3% population increase in the past 10 years, tying San Antonio with Dallas/Fort Worth as the fifth fastest-growing city in the nation. Two other Texas cities also made the top five ranking: Austin tops the list with 31.2% growth and Houston managed 20.9% growth in the past decade.

McIntosh cited numerous factors driving San Antonio’s popularity among interested employers including affordability, livability and low cost of doing business; a large bilingual population; the presence of fiber-optic infrastructure, the University of Texas at San Antonio and its cybersecurity program; the joint military base San Antonio; and the city’s location near Mexico.


Brant Foy

Brant E. Foy is a reporter for Business Journal.  He has previously worked for the Waco Star Journal.  As a contributor to Business Journal, Brant covers emerging business developments, legal and trending technology related stories.