More than half of Texas drivers use their cellphones while driving

More than half of Texas drivers use their cellphones while driving

SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) – April is distracted driving awareness month and, according to AAA, more than half of Texas drivers admitted to using their cellphones while driving, but that number could be much higher.

Distracted driving can look different in many ways. One of those ways, according to Texas driver Reagan Gonzalez, is dancing to music too much.

According to AAA, the most common distraction for drivers is texting while at the wheel. In fact, 51 percent of drivers say that they text while driving alone.

AAA media and corporate spokesperson, Daniel Armbruster, says that more than three-hundred people are killed each year in distracted driving crashes, but that number is likely higher since distracted driving crashes are under reported.

“I did not realize it was that many people,” says Gonzalez, “And it’s terrible because there’s no reason, and no excuse either.”

Just because you’re stopped at a light, doesn’t mean you’re safe to text.

Armbruster states, “It takes the brain up to 27 seconds after you put the technology down for your brain to fully re-engage in driving again, so you could be sitting at a red light texting on your phone, the light turns green and you put your phone down. You think you’re not distracted, but you still are. That’s what we call the hangover affect.”

AAA and the Texas Department of Public Safety both agree that the best way to keep the roads safe to be fully present when getting in the driver’s seat.


Brant Foy

Brant E. Foy is a reporter for Business Journal.  He has previously worked for the Waco Star Journal.  As a contributor to Business Journal, Brant covers emerging business developments, legal and trending technology related stories.