Best place to dance, bars and clubs, dance and live music venue: Schroeder Dance Hall

Best place to dance, bars and clubs, dance and live music venue: Schroeder Dance Hall

Crossroads residents have been kicking up their heels since 1890 at Schroeder Dance Hall in the Schroeder Community located about 15 miles outside Victoria.

Schroeder Hall won best place to dance, best bars and clubs, and best dance and live music venue.

Christine Krause, owner of the dance hall, attributed the establishment’s staying power to its original role as a hub for the community. Now, it’s been around so long that it attracts people from the surrounding area.

“I hear such interesting stories about bands that played here. One person said, ‘My grandfather played here in the 1930s,’” she said. “It’s such a beautiful old building, and we continue the tradition of bringing in top musicians. People recognize that.”

The dance hall is 12,000 square feet, and much of that space is occupied by the dance floor. The dance floor is made of high-quality wood purchased during the 1950s, and it’s been well preserved since then, Krause said. Texas Dance Hall Preservation looks to the Krauses for floor care tips for other dance halls.

“We are the Crossroads’ premier live music venue with large stages inside and outside for our concerts,” Krause said.

The hall brings in musicians who play Texas country, classic country, Red Dirt country and Texas swing, among other genres, and falls in line with Texas’ other top-tier establishments based on the artists it attracts.

Patrons also enjoy the food offered by the old dance hall from brisket nachos to hamburgers.

“We play a little bit of all of it,” Krause said. “We hit everything to keep all the different populations happy. We don’t stick with one thing. We offer variety.”


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