Award-winning country-western dancers discuss the beauty of the Texas two-step

Award-winning country-western dancers discuss the beauty of the Texas two-step

TEXAS — Country-western dancers Bill and Bonnie Erter never would have known each other, if it wasn’t for the Texas texas-step.

“It was kind of love at first sight for me,” Bill Erter said.

They met one night on the dance floor of their favorite night club and the rest was history. Bonnie Erter learned the two-step through a dance group at her Methodist church.

“I was big into music already, so dancing just came naturally,” Bonnie Erter said. ” I danced quite a while before I met Bill and did compete.”

That’s what caught Bill Erter’s interest. Her skills on the dance floor and her experience in competition western dance, something Bill Erter was interested in pursuing.

“Then we got invited to form a dance team and compete on the United Country Western Dance Council,” Bill Erter said.

The dance council is basically the Olympics of country-western dance. They’ve won competitions, and while their hard work is rewarded, they really do try to make the most out of life.

It’s something that two people can do together and you can go anywhere in the world,” Bill Erter said. “As long as there’s a downbeat to the music you can dance.”

They now spread the joy of country-western dancing by teaching class at Billy Bob’s every Sunday.

They say the best part about it is that it brings people in from all walks of life. The Erters have been dancing together for more than 30 years and hope for many more years to come.


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